Carol Kitching Visits the Mansion House

Not one but two of our volunteers have now been awarded the prestigious ‘Order of Mercy’, by the League of Mercy’.


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In 2017, John Hambly had the award bestowed upon him. Now it is the turn of another long-standing volunteer Carol Kitching who recently visited  the Mansion House to receive her own ‘Order of Mercy’ presented to her at an annual award ceremony where 50 or sometimes fewer deserving volunteers are recognised for their outstanding achievements.

Founded some 120 years ago by the Prince of Wales and established by Royal Charter of Queen Victoria, the ‘League of Mercy’ first had its roots in recruiting volunteers to assist the sick and vulnerable. It was later disbanded in 1947 with the advent of the NHS, only to be re-established in 1999 some 100 years after it was first formed. Today, it exists to recognise and reward long-standing volunteers who give their time to communities within the UK for charitable purpose.

The League of Mercy believes that it is vital to recognise and honour the work of volunteers. By doing so they feel will develop public awareness of the work of volunteers and encourage others to join them in giving up their time to the voluntary care of those in need.

Carol, as our members are aware has been a Samson Centre volunteer for 12 years and in that time, she has volunteered her valuable time in the office and also made copious cups of tea and coffee for members and visitors alike. Carol has been involved with many fundraising activities for the Centre, but one notable activity has raised over £100,000 alone and that is her organisation of Street Collections. Carol has  a listening ear, a warm and generous personality and a smile that has and continues to inspire and encourage all around her.

On that note we would like to congratulate Carol Kitching and thank her on behalf of everyone at the Samson Centre for her time, past, present and continued support.


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