The “Dr Donald Dean Physiotherapists” a Generous Legacy

£150,000 legacy to the Samson Centre for MS


The Dr Donald Dean Physiotherapists

When Dr Donald Dean died on the 6th December 2013, aged 86, he left one wish, “that his estate be used for charitable purposes”. This sentiment best sums up a quiet man who spent his working life and retirement helping others through his medical endeavours which he chose to continue after his passing.

Many charities have benefited from these few kind words but one such charity the Guildford based “Samson Centre for MS”, having received a £150,000 donation, will endeavour not to let this gentleman be forgotten.

“What he has given us is absolutely amazing and will make such a difference to the lives of so many people with multiple sclerosis. We are a small charity, accomplishing great things, and established at the Samson Centre for over ten years now but often we can be so easily overlooked. With this in mind it is even more important that this incredible man is rightly remembered.

Amongst other help and support we provide over 3,500 physiotherapy treatments annually to people living with multiple sclerosis in Surrey and surrounding areas and from now on our team of physiotherapists will be proudly known as the “Dr Donald Dean Physiotherapists at the Samson Centre for MS” in kind recognition of this substantial donation” said Martin Dent, Chairman of the Samson Centre for MS.

“Like any charity we also have plans for the future and part of those plans to “Make Samson Stronger” will include a lecture and counselling suite which will also be named in Dr Donald Dean’s memory” Martin continued.

Born in 1927 and having been orphaned by the time he was eleven years old Donald Dean relied upon the support of his beloved Aunt Olive. Through her tireless dedication he attended Grammar School and then Manchester University where he received his doctorate in 1953 to become Dr Donald Dean.

This early love possibly inspired him to continue his quest to help others. After his national service in the Royal Medical Corps he went on to enjoy a distinguished career with the British Petroleum Company where he assisted in the creation of many overseas hospitals and medical services overseas but the highlight of his career came in 1993 when he was awarded a ”Fellowship to the Faculty of Occupational Medicine” as due recognition for the efforts he had put into this new and worthy area of medicine.

In his later years he spent his time quietly around Virginia Water and continued to keep in touch with his extended family, watched cricket, a sport for which he had a great passion, and enjoyed his lifelong love of music.

To make it easier for people to Support the Samson Centre for MS through Legacies, donations either in memoriam or in place of floral tributes. The Samson Centre has brought out a Bequest leaflet which explains more fully how such an act of kindness can be best demonstrated in writing. “Leaving a legacy doesn’t have to be complicated, or the gift large, we are just very grateful to be remembered” 


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