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Our Facilities. Supporting people living with Multiple Sclerosis in Surrey.

Waterside Centre
The Waterside Centre


The Samson Centre for MS provides practical and emotional support for people who are living with Multiple Sclerosis in Surrey and surrounding areas. This page describes our facilities.


  • Physiotherapy and Gym Sessions 

(available Mon-Friday 9am – 4.00pm )

Multiple Sclerosis Physiotherapy
Group Physio

Each member is assessed by one of our Physiotherapists who determines an appropriate course of treatment.

Group physio sessions are held in the main hall. Find out more about  “The Dr Donald Dean Physiotherapists at the Samson Centre”



  • Baric Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is offered on Mondays from 9am – 3.30pm, Tues 10.30am – 3pm, Wed 10.00am – 4.30pm then 5 – 8pm, Thurs 9am – 3pm and Fri 9am -5.30pm.

New Oxygen Chamber




We have an Oxygen Therapy Suite within the Bradbury Annexe and people can use our 5 person chamber or our two barometric chambers to breathe in pressurised pure oxygen, thereby getting ten times the normal level of oxygen.

Although it is not a cure for MS, oxygen therapy can improve the quality of life for many people living with MS. Several of our people who use this facility find that it relieves some of their MS symptoms.




The oxygen therapy suite is run entirely by trained volunteers.
If you are willing to be trained up as a Lead Operator or Second Operator, please contact the office. Full training is given in our new Bradbury Annexe .We would love to hear from you if you are to commit to an interesting and rewarding volunteering opportunity with us.



The Centre boasts a number of physio aids, all of which can be used by Samson Centre for MS members under the supervision of the physiotherapists and gym staff:

  • Motomed Cycle

    Motomed cycles There are three Motomed™ exercise cycles, which are used to tone up leg muscles; one of them also allows arm muscles to be exercised.

  • Standing frames
    Standing Frames

    Standing Frames

    Thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Club of Guildford and Farnham Lions, we have 3 standing frames which give wheelchair users the opportunity to stand upright.

  • The Gym

    Our Gym Boasts an impressive array of weights, machines, rowing machines, treadmills and exercise cycles along with barbells and exercise balls.


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Our Riverside LocationThe Samson Centre is based at Guildford, Surrey