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Our Facilities. Supporting people living with Multiple Sclerosis in Surrey.

Waterside Centre
The Waterside Centre

The Samson Centre for MS is a self-help group which aims to give people with MS and their carers in Surrey and the surrounding area both practical and emotional support. This page describes the facilities on offer to its members.

Multiple Sclerosis Physiotherapy , Treatments and Facilities.

  • Physiotherapy

(available Mon-Friday 9am – 4.30pm )

Multiple Sclerosis Physiotherapy
Group Physio

Each member joining the Samson Centre for MS is assessed by one of the fully-qualified neuro-physiotherapists employed at the Centre, who decides whether one-to-one or group physiotherapy is the most appropriate treatment for the individual. One-to-one physio takes place in the treatment room or in the hall. Group physio sessions are held in the main hall of the Centre for the more mobile members, and take place each day the Centre is open. The physiotherapy sessions are well attended, as preventing the degeneration of little-used muscles is a constant problem – especially as the fatigue which is very common in MS sufferers often prevents them from exercising them sufficiently.
Find out more about “The Dr Donald Dean Physiotherapists at the Samson Centre”


  • Baric Oxygen Therapy

(Takes place on Mon 9am – 3pm, Tues 10.30am – 3pm, Wed 10.30am – 4.30pm, Wed 5pm – 8pm, Thurs 9am – 3pm and Fri 9am – 5.15pm)

HBO Chamber
HBO Chamber

We have an Oxygen Therapy Room and members can use our two barometric chambers to breathe in pressurised pure oxygen, thereby getting ten times the normal level of oxygen. Although it is not a cure for MS, oxygen therapy can improve the quality of life for many MS sufferers. Many of our people who use this facility find that it relieves some of their MS symptoms.We currently offer this therapy 5 days a week. In addition, we offer evening sessions on Wednesdays for those who can’t get to the centre during the day. The number of sessions available is dependent on having sufficient trained volunteers to operate the chambers.

HBO Chamber

If you are willing to be trained up as a Lead Operator or Second Operator, please contact the office.


  • Other therapies As an extra, reflexology and head & neck massages are available on alternate Friday afternoons from 1pm. Another therapist providing a manicure and pedicure service attends the Centre on alternate Friday afternoons. These may be booked through the Samson Centre office, but there is a small charge for these paid directly to the relevant therapist.

Equipment The Centre boasts a number of physio aids, all of which can be used by Samson Centre for MS members under the supervision of the Group’s physiotherapists and gym staff:

  • Motomed™ cycles There are three Motomed™ exercise cycles, which are used to tone up leg muscles; one of them also allows arm muscles to be exercised.
  • Standing frames
    Standing Frames

    Standing Frames

    Thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Club of Guildford, the group acquired a standing frame. The frames give wheelchair users the chance to stand upright. Some members have not stood for over a decade, so this provides an enormous emotional boost to them, quite apart from the physical benefits of toning muscles that are not involved in other physiotherapy exercises. Farnham Lions very kindly raised the funds required to purchase a 2nd standing frame which is used by several of our members. In 2015 a 3rd standing frame was purchased thanks to a kind donation from Guildford Rotary.


  • Gym Boasts an impressive array of weights machines, rowing machines, treadmills and exercise cycles along with barbells and exercise balls.


The Gym

Social In addition to the therapies, the Centre provides a strong element of sociability, which in itself gives invaluable support to people with MS and their carers.

  • Kitchen There is a fully-equipped kitchen, staffed by volunteers from which hot and cold drinks can be obtained.
  • Bar The Centre also boasts a licensed bar, which is open during social functions organised by the group (see below).
  • Functions The Samson Centre for MS holds occasional meetings at which
    Quiz Night
    they invite experts to speak on such topics as current research activities & progress, nutrition etc. The Samson Centre for MS also manages to combine fundraising with fun by arranging events such as quiz nights, race meetings, concerts, both at the Samson Centre and at other venues such as the Clockhouse Day centre at Milford.

Visit the Events page for details of forthcoming events.

Staff Helping members get the most out of the Centre is a dedicated staff consisting of three fully qualified physiotherapists, who offer members one-to-one and group physio sessions 5 days a week, four gym instructors who will tailor an exercise programme to each member’s specific needs, and a couple of people who look after the day-to-day administration.



Click the image to find out more!

Click the Image to find out more!

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