Samson Caledonian Canoe Challenge

Most of us know and love John Hambly and appreciate what he has achieved in helping to make the Samson Centre for MS what it is today. Some of those people are his beloved Rugby friends who themselves have raised many tens of thousands of pounds for the Centre.

You will probably remember a few years back their famous ‘Thames River Challenge’. Well, they are up to their old tricks again and ready for a new challenge. This time they are taking on 80 miles of the Caledonian Canal in Scotland. Joking aside, they do give up many hours to train and put much effort into fundraising and I am sure the challenge itself doesn’t come easily either.

To show how much we appreciate their efforts we are aiming to join them along their way by running the Samson Caledonian Canoe Challenge at the Samson Centre which Sara has kindly agreed to support. To this end we are hoping to encourage members, staff and volunteers to take part in our own event to assist in the fundraising. Whilst the ‘16 Idiots’, as they like to be known, will be facing both calm and rough, open waters, our own Samson Caledonian Challenge will take place safely on dry land and take the normal format of cycling, rowing or walking etc – unless anyone would like to opt to go out onto the river!

As you know we have run several successful active challenges like this for members of recent months, but we promise this will be our only fundraising one until the same time in 2018.

On a serious note, the ‘16 Idiots’ have a goal of raising £20,000 for the Samson Centre in May, and I think that they would really appreciate any help that we can offer in promoting their venture. Please pick up a few Caledonian Challenge “business cards” when you are next at the Centre to spread the word about how to support their fundraising efforts.

They care, we care and we all work together to support the efforts of the Samson Centre to make a difference to so many lives.

If you are interested (or any friends or family) in taking part in the active Samson Centre Caledonian Challenge, I will have details available shortly. If anyone would like help on how to promote this event to friends and family please just ask me.

In the meantime, if you would like support the team or just visit the Just Giving page to see how the campaign is progressing – simply Click on this Link



Click the image to find out more!

Click the Image to find out more!

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